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AdWords MOOC: Free Online Google AdWords Tutorial on AdWords Gotchas

  • Stop Wasting Money. Learn the most expensive 'gotchas' in Google AdWords. Stupid mistakes that can be costing you money, lots of money! The AdWords Tutorial (finally) makes it easy to identify common mistakes or 'gotchas' that can cost advertisers thousands of dollars.

  • Take Four Free Classes in One, Each Focused on a Specific AdWords Gotcha. Click on each class link below to watch the video and gain access to the free AdWords tutorial links.

    1. Keyword Match Types - Gotcha No. 1: bad match types.
    2. The Display Network - Gotcha No. 2: running on bad display network placements.
    3. Enhanced Campaigns -Gotcha No. 3: running on mobile by mistake.
    4. AdWords vs. SEO - Gotcha No. 4: missing out on free SEO opportunities.

  • Get Free AdWords Tutorial (AdWords MOOC) Materials. Ready to learn best practices for AdWords? Our hands-on instructor links, worksheets, and 'AdWords Toolbook' (comprehensive list of free AdWords tools and learning resources) make it easy to learn. Register below to gain access to the free AdWords tutorial materials for free!

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More on ADWORDS MOOC: AdWords Best Practices by Avoiding AdWords Gotchas -
How did this free AdWords guide come about? Small business marketers asked us, again and again, for an easy-to-use beginners guide to Google AdWords. Many of them were looking not just for the best AdWords tutorial for a given year (say, AdWords Tutorial 2014, for example), but were looking for a free guide to Google AdWords not necessarily in eBook format but one that was an AdWords tutorial in video format as well. A guide to Google pay-per-click advertising that started at the beginning, at the basics. Moreover, we found that many Google AdWords beginners were confounded with the AdWords gotchas, and were wasting a lot of money needlessly on AdWords. So we focused our video AdWords guide on the main gotchas, to avoid wasting money, and rather than produce an AdWords Tutorial PDF or an AdWords eBook (or a how to AdWords book), we produced an AdWords tutorial in video format. Finally, we do have a list of the top AdWords books on Amazon if you are interested, among which our Free Google is consistently downloaded ebook on AdWords.
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